If they aren't terrified of their birthday cake, how will they remember it?

Yesterday we headed down to Wimberly to help celebrate cousin Levi's birthday. Many happy returns, big guy!

Only two, but he has the cupcake-mangling skills of a four year old.

Anna brought her usual infectious enthusiasm to the proceedings.

Especially when she got to take a turn on the swing!

For some reason, Tiffany chose a birthday cake theme that was adorable and not at all nightmare-inducing. Odd.

To each his own, right? Try not to judge.

There was also King Ranch Chicken casserole and beans.

It's a little blurry because I was trying to photograph and inhale it at the same time.

I think I'm going to print out this next picture and carry it around in my wallet so that if I ever start thinking I'm good at doing things I can be reminded that I'm wrong about that. It's a homemade pickle. Inside a homemade ceramic dish.

This is what being good at things looks like.

A lovely afternoon! Even Anna did manage some bits of fun here and there. I had Book Club last night, so we hustled back to Austin and I threw my potluck contribution together as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I had decided to try fried avocados again, which is not a quickly-thrown-together dish. I managed to pull everything together just in time...to be almost half an hour late.


Okay, I also got really amazingly lost. Even though I've been to Lori's house before. And it's about half a mile from here. And there were eight cars in front of it. It was dark outside! (I am not good at things.)

Because I was kind of on a roll yesterday, by the time I thought to take pictures everyone was packing things up, so you'll have to take my word for it that it was all very impressive. These are serious potluckers, and I like it. I did grab a shot of Crystal's Chicken Diablos, because on a plate full of good food it was the thing that I ate around, saving for last.

Apparently they take three hours to put together! I know that in the past we've discussed whether things are or are not worth the effort they entail, and I'm here to tell you that Chicken Diablos are COMPLETELY worth someone else spending three hours on them.

OH, and, you guys. Whoa. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is NOT mostly about coffee and sandwiches. I repeat, NOT a food and caffeine centered story. If you read it based on that recommendation, I am just terribly sorry.

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