This is extremely momentous and also fried in peanut oil

The focus of last night's dinner is going to be the side dish, rather than the main, for two reasons. One, and this is very exciting, it's my first ever requested food project on this blog. Two, it's freaking fried avocado slices. I want to officially encourage this type of strange yet intriguing food suggestion. Seriously, keep 'em coming. But no cookie balls please, that's a little too hardcore for me.

Because the avocado fries were a specific request, I tried to be more thorough than usual in documenting the process. Here we go!

Let's do this.

Sort of like coconut crusted shrimp, but 100% different.

I had to add an extra hand-washing to get this in-process picture, so, you're welcome.

Look how thirsty they are for sweet, sweet peanut oil.

Fry, my pretties!

Et voila.

Difficulty level: pretty low, really. The only tricky part is being very gentle when you bread the avocado pieces so that they don't mush up. So if you have any inclination, I say definitely make an attempt on these guys. Flavor: I mean....it's fried avocado, so if you like avocado, it's delicious. It's nice to have that crunch to balance out the creaminess. Maybe because I'm used to my avocados coming in spicy guacamole form, I think they could have used a little more seasoning. Personal preference. I also couldn't eat much, which is probably a good thing, but the richness is a bit overwhelming. In the end, they are very tasty but also lily-gildingly unnecessary.

I served them alongside egg salad sandwiches from Big Orange. The egg salad was pretty good, and to be fair to Bon Appetit, the onion bagel was my dumb idea, not theirs. Egg salad on a bagel: yummy in theory, logistical mess in practice.

Just upstaging the hell out of that sandwich.

Quite some time ago, my dad and I determined that the appropriate wine to accompany fried pickle slices is a Fume Blanc, so I figured it could carry over to this other culinary abomination. I think it did the job nicely.

Fume Blanc: for when you need to wash down gratuitously fried things.

Anna is still a little congested and droopy, but she is more or less back to her normal cat-pursuing activities.

I think she feels better.


  1. So, I fried some avocados on Sunday night with great success. I used cornmeal with some flour, baking powder, and diced jalapeno in the mix. They taste great when dipped into ranch dressing...after you pureƩ some jalapeno in there. Maybe it's worth a second try?

  2. Hmm, your variation intrigues me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.