I had a good run

LND: Vietnamese steak sandwich. I can't vouch for the authenticity of it. It seems "Vietnamese" in the sense that something is "Mexican" if you put salsa on top of it, but with fish sauce. In which case, I'm not sure I feel comfortable recommending that you "Vietnamese" up your next meal.

I don't want to be culturally insensitive, but fish sauce doesn't really smell edible.

Speaking of less than ideal food, here is what Anna is having for lunch, because I have entirely given up, as a parent:

Green things are healthy.

Mommy protip: When the nutritional comparison on the back of your child's meal is "vs. Regular Fries," you should probably just turn yourself in to CPS and save some overbearing stranger the trouble.

I also let her watch television while wearing a halter top today, probably because I've been really into Ancestry.com lately, and I want her to understand where she comes from. (ETA: hicks.)

Know your roots, child.

My favorite part of today, so far: hearing someone on television use the word "misnomer" incorrectly. And by "television" I of course mean "Toddlers & Tiaras."

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  1. Hey, she'll never have to use the term uncle-dad. So, she's got a better start than some. Namely, one of my employees... Sigh.