Terrifying the cat with loving gifts

Last night's dinner: toasted pita and bean salad plus blueberry zombie cake. The salad was nice and summer-y, with mint from the (well-composted) garden, and I swear the cake didn't taste like the undead at all. Unless the undead taste like molasses, which....actually, ew, I'm almost sure is the case.

Yeah, I eat vegetables sometimes, what.

We may have also had it for breakfast this morning.

Since we missed both of our scheduled activities yesterday, we ran errands instead. We went to PetSmart and got Hopper a fancy new electronic water-dispenser-thingy. He's had kind of a tough year, what with the loss of his best frenemy and the addition of the tiny, tail-yanking human. So I think: I will do something wonderful to pamper this poor, ignored kitty. Here's what the cat on the box is doing:

Being super jazzed about his sweet hydration system.

And here is what Hopper was doing:


Seriously, that's about as close together as I could get them in a picture. Oh well. Another rain-out day today, so we're just trying to make do at the casa.

Listen honey, if we're going to be stuck inside you should probably learn to walk or read or something.


  1. Maybe the cat is just confused as to where the seat of the tiny blue toilet is located. I know tiny toilets scare me.

  2. Man, you are not allowed in my laundry room the next time you're here.

  3. Meh. I flee from new things I find around my place, too. At least, until I get a chance to pee on them. Give him some time.