In which I notice some irony and also promise to abandon this titling scheme

When I started doing 750 words I added the extra password feature because God forbid someone read what I wrote every day. Now I have a public blog, the purpose of which, I believe, is to attract readers, and I have zero page views. HA! That is awesome. Weirdly, this has only inspired me to write with great frequency and inventiveness. I feel like an apology/congratulations/warning are in order for the two of you reading this now.


  1. Actually my friend Peter has been using the "in which" titling scheme for like five years. Except his is "wherein" so you don't have to worry about being a copycat. http://hujhax.livejournal.com/

  2. Just a lazy English major thing for me. I like 18th century chapter titles that outline every detail to follow.