Eggs, getting things done

LND: Shakshuka from the ridiculously good at all things food smitten kitchen. She describes it as an Israeli dish, but Wikipedia says it's more generally Middle Eastern and probably originated in Tunisia. I only mention this because I'm pretty sure if I had said "It's a Tunisian poached egg dish," I could have avoided the following exchange:

Dan: <30 minutes of geopolitical musing.>
Erica: I just really like poached eggs.

Can't we all just drown some eggs in spicy tomato sauce?

I replaced the feta with a combination of goat cheese and Parmesan because I accidentally used all the feta in that bean salad a few days ago. Parm plus goat = feta, right? Food math. Whatever, the other option was maple cheddar. Aaaand now I want a maple cheddar poached egg.

So, hmm. Let's do the week in productivity review. I have several things that I should be working on/maintaining, so I'll try to break it down by the approximate amount of time spent on each thing, in minutes. Organizing/printing out pictures: 0. Organizing cooking magazine recipes: 0. Reading actual books (3 therapist recommended, 1 book club book, 3 books on loan from people, 2 baby-related books, 3 books I started at least two years ago): 0. Exercise: about 20 minutes on the treadmill on Monday. Since then, I've just been trying to do this every morning:

It helps when my jokes are pre-labeled "Funny."

Approximate amount of time I spent watching four year olds compete in beauty pageants, in minutes: 120.

I'd say my only goal for next week is to find someone to write a letter to so that I can finally use this guy:

I guess the British are really strict about formality and stuff.

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  1. Whoa, we have Weetabix over here now? Just need some kangaroos and we'll be Australia.