Texan hippiness and couscous

After my harrowing morning at the spa on Saturday, obviously I needed a little break, so we went to Kerbey Lane for a late lunch, and dinner ended up being the resulting doggie bag. I had a veggie chorizo quesadilla. Yeah, not veggies and chorizo....veggie chorizo. Why do I have a fridge full of pork products yet still love fake sausage? Because I am an enigma. I do realize that at the point one is ordering alternatively proteined specialty sausage sandwiched between chipotle flavored tortillas, one should abandon the idea of ever living anywhere other than Austin. I accept this.


Sunday night was a use-up-bits-from-the-fridge night. Usually a frittata is my go-to vehicle for that job, but something about the particular bits I had on hand (red pepper, onion, grilled chicken breast, chickpeas, artichokes, ripe olives) seemed to call for couscous instead. I like couscous because (as far as I know) it's the easiest way to eat one million pieces of pasta in one sitting. I sauteed everything in a little olive oil, then threw in some cumin, smoked paprika, and garlic powder. Sunday night meals generally aren't too labor intense. Who needs hard work when you have the cutest little form of starch ever?

It's so adorable, the teensy pasta.

Still some congestion, but Anna is now back to constant-party.

This is after having rock n' rolled all night.


  1. It looks like in the battle of balloons vs baby the balloons are winning. Until I started reading your blog I was never concerned about Anna or your parenting skills. On the other hand I have never been as excited to try new recipes. So er... keep up the good work!?

  2. Pretty big talk from a man with a scotch closet.

  3. Hey that is an upscale scotch closet. Or at least will be soon.