Messy fish, icy sorbet, semi-abandoned ridiculous complaint

Did I say no more weekend posts? Oh. Well, some weekends have more downtime than others. Don't get used to it! You won't always have the magical, magical gift of Erica's boredom!

Anna is continuing her convalescence apace.

The flash from the camera is disguising the sense of pleading in Hopper's eyes.

Last night I made tilapia with the Texas Home Cooking version of Salsa Veracruzana. I'm actually not sure I should even attribute it to that august volume, as I mangled it pretty badly. Their recipe calls for fresh snapper, and I used frozen tilapia. I ran out of capers making Salt Mussels earlier this week (it's cool Belgium, I ain't mad at you). I don't even understand what "white wine Worcestershire sauce" is, so I used the regular kind. And my green olives aren't pimento stuffed, so I added a few dashes of that fancy pepper I got because it has the word "Piment" on it. I only mention that particular feat of culinary logic because I did the exact same thing with the egg salad the day before, so I guess it's like...a thing. That I do now. Just trying to get my $12 worth.

Mangled, I tell you.

I also made some Watermelon Sorbet, but I cut the sugar in half and increased the vodka by 900%.

I'm just kidding, I didn't reduce the sugar.

This morning I cashed in the very first Groupon I ever bought, which for some reason (beer?) was for a spa that specializes in facials. I had a whole thing in my brain where I was going to bitch about how miserable I was for an hour and a half, but then I decided to take pity and not subject you to an extended version of the most first world problem complaint ever (my expensive facial was bad for my self esteem!). Instead, I will say that the mood of the entire exercise is best summed up by the lady's surprised/concerned "No lip wax?"

And now for some CSI: New Toys Edition.

He was so close.


  1. MB wishes to complain about you not coming to Halina's for a FREE facial. She speculates that has something to do with the resulting self-esteem debacle.

  2. Yeah, I kind of suspected I would hate it, so I only wanted to involve strangers in the process. Sorry MB!