Can you smell the smoke and Big Red?

Happy Independence Day, here's some barbecue. You've earned it. Actually, I realize he only comprises about 33% of my total readership, but the following pictures are pretty much just for my father.

See? Dinner did in fact include some green vegetables.

I actually can't look at these without feeling like there is a fine layer of grease all over my skin. And internal organs.

Yep, last night we headed out to Lockhart for some Kreuz Market action in celebration of Kevin's (I want to say....48th?) birthday. It was smoky salty goodness as usual, and now we can go ahead and add "beef fat" to the list of things that Anna will chew on despite refusing to touch bananas, sigh.

One thing to come out of last night's festivities is a good illustration of the photographic difficulty I am having with regard to my daughter; specifically, we are physically unable to look good in the same picture. It's actually to the point where I worry when I'm out and she's being especially adorable that I must look hideously malformed, and I get a little confidence boost when she makes weird faces.

I look fine, she tries to swallow her wrist.

She gives a nice toothy smile, I have fourteen chins.

I guess that's what Photoshop is for? I've never given any thought to what Photoshop is for, really, but now it seems like the answer is "creating family photos that don't look ridiculous."

Today's was Anna's first 4th of July, which is obviously a significant milestone, as it was also her first Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. Honestly, she didn't seem that impressed by the competition this year, but I think she's pretty happy to finally have a goal in life.

These fools are totally slacking off in the absence of Kobayashi.

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  1. Kevin is only 48? huh, I always thought he was older.