Yelling at the baby

We took a day off from meetups yesterday because Anna's shots made her a little sick and I was exhausted, so basically nothing happened. It was just a day full of me saying ANNA, CAN YOU POINT TO KITTY? WHERE'S MR. KITTY? ANNA, WHERE'S MOMMY? CAN YOU POINT TO MOMMY? Like maybe increased volume would help her understand, the same way people holler slowly at foreign-language speakers. So I guess if she didn't have hearing issues before, she will soon.

For dinner I made Skillet Gnocchi with Spinach and White Beans. It wasn't bad. I used canned tomatoes, of course, since that's what the recipe calls for and also I am lazy, and then today a waiting-room Prevention magazine informed me that canned tomatoes are one of the seven foods you should never eat, ever, ever, no matter what. Too much BPA leaching into the food. So that's good.

This is basically just a pile of Bisphenol A.

When I got home I had some of the leftovers for lunch, so I guess I'm not Prevention's target audience. Next time I'll look for the latest copy of Bring on the Neurobehavioral-Affecting Chemicals magazine.


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