And now we'll call the first year done

Yes, so, I'm taking weekends off now. I need my rest, people! Don't make me refer you to my Unpaid Food/Mommy/Unemployment Blogger Union.

A lot of food and mommying has happened since Friday. Technically there was also unemployment, but I'm not sure it counts on weekends (will check with union rep). Friday night we had Black Bean and Salmon Tostadas. I think it would be worth the extra calories to just fry the corn tortillas, since the baked ones turned out really chewy. Also, Dan asked me whether it was salmon or tuna, and I had a moment where I thought maybe I had grabbed the wrong package out of the pantry, so...it's definitely a generic fish taste. Not bad, but not that great. I liked the bean part and the slaw part, though.

Mystery-fish chewy things! That almost definitely sounds better in Spanish.

Saturday night my parents wanted to take Dan out for his belated birthday, and of all the restaurants in Austin, he chose Terra Burger.

I have no problem with this.

And then, Sunday. First birthday party, wooo! Um, here is the cake.

Still waiting to hear from the committee re: Most Visually Disturbing First Birthday Cake Award.

I should explain that what I was going for was this guy:

From Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? because it's her favorite page of any book right now. It's not like my aim was "generic cat" and I somehow landed on "prehistoric raccoon." My aim was "weird arty cut-out purple cat" and then...."prehistoric raccoon."

At least she ate some of it. And this was an old-school, freaking-Jello-included bright pink strawberry cake.

And the natural parenting books weep.

So, a success. Clearly.

For dinner last night I had spinach and artichoke dip.

It's over there in the corner.

This morning, Anna helped me clean up the mess from the party.

In a house full of new toys, she cried when I put the beer away.

This isn't really the type of blog where I spend a lot of time thanking people for being so helpful and awesome, but: you all know who you are, and I really appreciate it. I figure I'll be up for throwing Anna another birthday party by the time she's twelve, so you're on notice.


  1. Looks like a rockin party. I approve of the gruesome cake.

  2. That looks awesome, I wish I could have gone

  3. ha ha ha!!! I was looking at the cake and thinking hmmm... it reminds me of something... and then I saw the purple cat below! Ha! OK you say I have a masochistic streak? You tried to make an Eric Carle drawing out of FROSTING? I love this. You are a dedicated mother.