It was too wet for yardwork

LND: Stuffed baked potatoes. No recipe, just ground turkey, broccoli, bell pepper, onion, sour cream and cheddar cheese. In a potato. With a side salad. Okay, I know, this is like the Platonic ideal of an uninteresting meal.

Don't worry, tomorrow's entry features a lot more brisket.

Speaking of potatoes, I'm sad to say it, but that sweet, squeaky little seven pound potato-looking thing we brought home last July has turned into one of those toddler monsters you see everywhere, harassing house pets and prying open drawers and growing teeth at inconvenient times. Which means: it's time to graduate to a bigger car seat. So that's what we did this afternoon, we went out and got the fanciest piece of equipment that Craigslist had to offer. In the last three days. Within 10 miles. Nothing is too good for my toddler monster!

I just know that she'll outgrow the current one eventually.

Also, Hopper has become pretty emphatic about the fact that as soon as he turns 18 he is so out of here.

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