Soon the whole state will be full of drive-thru wheatgrass shacks

I would like to dedicate today's post to my marble rolling pin. In the past week, it has smashed peppercorns, dried chilis, and cloves, lightly crushed cumin seeds, and flattened out pork loin. Actually, it....hardly ever does any rolling. It's more my beating things pin. Do you hear that, potential home invaders? Anyway. You, sir, are a giant among kitchen tools. A giant that I enjoy smacking against stuff.

Ol' Smashy.

Having lived in Louisiana for four years, I really expected Louisiana's Cooking Secrets to provide one of the more sinful of the week's recipes when I first grabbed it, but although the phrase "Smothered Boneless Porkchops with Lentils" has a slightly lardy feel to it, it was really a light meal, especially by recent standards.

This is that famously healthy Louisiana cuisine everyone's always talking about.

I put ranch dressing on the salad to keep us from getting too disoriented.

Lean pork, lots of veggies, lentils, and about 1/10th the olive oil of a Jamie Oliver recipe. What's up, Louisiana? How's a body supposed to stomach six daiquiris on a meal like this?

In other news, Anna is going to start reading just as soon as she can get the right angle on this thing.

To be cont.

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