Check up

Wednesday night: Greek salad with grilled chicken breast, inspired by Simply Recipes. I cut down on the oil a little, am out of red wine vinegar so I used white, and prefer my Greek salad to be in big chunks, but it's pretty similar. I thought we should lighten things up since we had about seven sticks of butter the day before.

There is very little butter in this salad.

It was good, and Anna even approached her adorable mini-salad like an actual human who eats food. Progress!

I didn't really have the energy to discuss it before, but we took Anna in for her 12 month check up yesterday afternoon. If there's one thing a visit to the pediatrician is good for, it isn't allaying my (secret) concerns. So I'm not sure what it is. Probably obtaining grape-flavored tongue depressors. Visiting the pediatrician is very good for that.

I always walk in there feeling like I'm about to take a test I haven't studied for at all. This time I was actually strangely optimistic, I guess I was figuring she had mastered everything they asked about at the six month appointment, so we were all set. For some reason, though, they were interested in an ENTIRELY new skill set than they were in February. We had to fill out several pages of questions such as "Does your child wave goodbye to people in a manner appropriate to their social standing?" and "If you put a single Cheerio in a clear container, will your child reference Descartes?"

Totally oblivious to how badly she's doing on this survey.

Of course she couldn't point to Dan when the doctor kept asking her where Daddy was, so all we've done since the appointment is try to coach her to point at things when we ask. Completely teaching the test as though our federal funding depends on it. It won't matter, obviously, because by the 15 month appointment she'll be pointing like a champ and they'll only want to know about her equestrian skills.

On question #7, I just wrote "Secretly."


But look how cute she is in our front ya...er, this abandoned, un-mowed field.

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