We're going to have to invent like 100 new synonyms for "dangerous"

I have very recently become a paid subscriber to The New York Times, among other publications. Hard to say what inspired it, guess I'm just reaching that point in adulthood where I panic about the future of our democracy and specifically the free press, haha, middle age, so predictable. And hey, guess what? They have a Food Section! With tomato soup

And the soup recipe starts with half a pound of butter!

So I guess that's the sum total of good news for the week.

I did learn another new word though, and edification always brings a certain degree of satisfaction. If kleptocracy didn't seem quite dire enough for you, try on Jamelle Bouie's offering of "kakistocracy" for size. How's that fit? Feels right, doesn't it? Can't have a woman in charge of our government, so I guess the alternative is the worst men. Makes sense.

Time to check in on how that popular vote is coming, yeah? As of Sunday, Hillary Clinton's lead stands at 2,332,814 votes. Two million. Three hundred thirty-two thousand. Eight hundred. Fourteen. 

Now let's take a horrified peek at where the man we have...mostly not chosen, but here we are, to lead and represent us is getting his allegations that many of those Hillary votes are fraudulent: Alex Jones! Since our topic for the day, and surely many days to come, is "the worst men," let's look at a few other tidbits from this source that is for sure legitimate reporting and not the ravings of a complete lunatic: the U.S. government is responsible for 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the murder of school children at Sandy Hook; fluoride in water is for mind control; juice boxes are a conspiracy to make children gay; intergalactic lizard people control the world. All the greatest hits from the email forwards of your craziest grandparent are there. This is the source of "news" that our president-elect is leaning on in lieu of official security briefings from the intelligence community.

But, I mean, Hillary had a private email server. Lesser of two evils, right? Real rock and a hard place.