Spooooooky unseasonable heat

Not complaining, never complaining, just *noting* that our low temperature for Halloween was 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Good thing I have a bunch of pictures of kids in absurd outfits and do not have to generate any real #content.

Anna had three costumes this year, all of which were solid black because she knows that my most irrationally overwhelming parental fear is of them getting hit by a car.

My other fear is of someone mistakenly eating their head

Scarlett helped us squeeze in some straight up adorableness.

I was a farmer. Not a sexy farmer. Definitely a hot farmer, though.


Dan was a trick-or-treating safety beacon/terrifying nightmare apparition.

We made sure to take plenty of candy breaks.

Also, Anna won an award at school yesterday that comes with a free hamburger, so it was probably the best day of her life so far.