Join me on this quiet train

Lately I've been trying to remember what I used to do on the internet...before. Because I definitely spent a lot of time on the computer without reading serious grown-up news or having a Facebook  or Twitter account, but how? Why? OH RIGHT, food blogs.

Fooooooood blogs. They still exist everywhere even though I stopped looking at them with any frequency! So crazy. They are brimming with things like these Soft Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies:

And they are full of ideas and images that fill me with literal hunger as opposed to hunger for, I dunno, the sweet release of death. So *greatjob* people taking nice pictures of food, you have restored my confidence in my own ability be pretty easily distracted.

Ivy knows that I was probably overreacting about that whole climate thing anyway, as our high today is only 78:

And good news, I have a lot of "getting ready to leave town" stuff to deal with so I don't have time to despair at length today. I'm just quickly going to leave you with a couple of Words of the Week:

And then make up for that by ensuring that you have heard of Slow TV, a Scandinavian station that includes things like a scenic 7-hour train ride through Norway and is probably the best thing I have ever encountered.