Flush with artistic potential

I'm kind of in the weeds with candles right now (in the wicks?) which is bad for the state of my house but good for my mental health, as it means I skip right past the "Dear Heavens What Now" sections and directly to the "Give Me Some More Soups" section of the NYT:

Old-Fashioned Beef Stew

Anna even time-traveled all the way from the 1980s to express her disdain for this one!

She found it, like, totally not radical

Instead of agonizing over bad news today, here is a brief shot of good news: the unemployment rate is the lowest is has been in nine years so let's just keep that in mind going forward in case, you know...anything changes. And I have another soothing, SlowTV-style recommendation for you. Most of the podcasts I listen to either are full of goof-em-ups or are harrowing true crime stories that I should stop listening to when I'm alone in the house, self. But my post-election mood has steered me in a different direction, specifically to an all-out binge of Nate DiMeo's The Memory Palace. I should start by saying that to my ears at least, Nate DiMeo has a very good voice. I first heard him on the You Must Remember This podcast (also great if you are interested in the history of classic Hollywood) where he was playing the part of Charles Manson. And I thought, "Hmm, yeah....I kinda get it."


Anyway, the good good voice of Nate DiMeo tells short, fascinating stories from American history and some are sad and some are uplifting and some will send you scrambling to Wikipedia to read more and if you are a pod person such as myself you should check it out.

Meanwhile, my cheery wall calendar is helping keep things in perspective this month by constantly reminding me that death is waiting and our comforts are few.

Speaking of bowls sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry that whole "dire times will bring out great art" thing might be kicking in already, because I feel that Ivy's latest piece, titled "2016," really captures the spirit of our times.

Someday I will contribute the phrase "Mommy! I made a toilet!" to her artistic retrospective