You also should watch Terrace House, DO IT

Greetings from the Kids Table!

I decided to stick with my "round and brown" strategy for Christmas Day: Chocolate Pecan Pie and Cinnamon Crumble Apple Pie. This worked out pretty well. All brown foods in 2017, maybe? Just dark mounds of life-sustaining sugar? Still tweaking those plans.

Diabetic like a fox

If you celebrated Christmas this weekend, I hope it was so terrific that you were slightly put out by someone distracting you with a donut muffin.

And I hope you received a gift that truly spoke to who you are as a person, be it "tiny and fierce:"

Or "drippy cheese mess:"

It me

And if you did not celebrate Christmas I hope you still had a nice weekend, I don't know, my gift to myself is not reading the news this week. Gonna let that 2016 celebrity death toll rage on without me for a few days. Gonna binge on Terrace House instead.