fetch("crackers: cheese")

As I promised on Tuesday, I am attempting to ignore devastating celebrity deaths in favor of my Japanese reality show. I ASSUME EVERYTHING OUT THERE IS FINE. But if you must know, Episode 21 was a very stressful bump.

We are also still in the holiday eating zone of "no cookies until you finish your Chex Mix." We have waffles more days than not.

Thanks to Dan, our resident only-person-who-doesn't-shrug-and-say-"just cereal"-when-confronted-with-morning-hunger

I'll be honest though, we're starting to be kind of over it.

This is like a sixteenth century morality painting about the dangers of getting everything you want

Since I have not made any recipes, is it tacky to just show you the awesome stuff I got for Christmas?  What if I confine it to awesome stuff made by people I know?

First up, some good good goat milk soaps from my mom, made by my cousin Mindy. I let my soap bowl run all the way down this month because I knew I would be getting an infusion of these bad boys for Christmas. They're so SOFT and they smell so NICE and the goats they came from are so ADORABLE despite being GOATS. I also want to plug her Instagram feed, which is one of my very favorites. Almost every day it briefly tricks me into thinking I want to be a farmer, which is patently untrue.

Next! This delightful necklace from Dan, made by my artist market buddy McKinley Mizar. It has some heft and captures some light and feels like a very legit piece of personal decoration. Just a real old school "look at my stunning medal adornments" situation. Also, McKinley is honestly the nicest lady and I'm always pumped when we are set up next to each other.

And then! This way cool agave print tea towel from my unfairly talented sister-in-law Tiffany. I also have one of the armadillo t-shirts and it is the best. I currently have my eye on the Desert Crow design because like all reasonable people I love pictures of birds but not birds themselves.

Finally, I don't think she dried and ground the peppers and barks and such herself, but my mom did portion out a lot of spices for me and give my inspiration for 2017's cooking project, which is: Uh Erica You Have A Lot Of Spices You Should Use Them.

Finally we will know which paprika reigns supreme

Still got a couple more days of really trying to avoid news/any non-Japanese-reality-show conflict. Maybe I can use Anna's new robot to just fetch me snacks.