Spice World

Okay okay back to school back to work back to reading doomsayers legitimate journalism. Everybody ready?


Okay, well. Maybe some paprika will pep us up? I wanted to test-drive my three versions (Hungarian, sweet Spanish, and smoked Spanish) and the most logical test seemed to be: what tastes best on eggs? I have a feeling my entire 2017 spice journey is going to boil down to this very question. So how did the paprikas fare?

Sweet Spanish: too subtle for deviled eggs, at least the mustard-and-pickle-juice monstrosities I favor

Hungarian: flavor holds up, not too spicy, nice complement

Smoked Spanish: winner winner tastes like smoke so it wins (I should probably note that I am disgustingly biased toward smoky flavors)

I can detect the smokiness just by *looking* at this picture

I also chose the smoked version for my New Year's luckstravaganza bowl.

But it only seemed fair to give the Hungarian paprika a chance to shine in its natural habitat, Chicken Paprikash. First off, I appreciate any recipe that instructs me to season something "aggressively" because that is what I'm going to do anyway and I enjoy outside validation. Second, my children both ate more than one bowl of this without whining, presumably because it passed their strict "no excess vegetation" screens.

Off to a good start. Send me your best paprika recipes, please. I hope you also have enough spices to fortify your re-entry into the world, if not I can probably mail you some.