Like it's learning to count to 100...uh oh

I  have another paprika recipe sent in response to my plea for them, hooray! The structure of the following paragraph is a joke literally only for her and possibly two other people reading this, feel free to skip to the part where I am griping about weather again.

This Yahoo Answers Recipe was sent in by Kate, thank you Kate, and it is by...Something Has Gone Wrong, we'll call him...Jeffrey. Jeffrey asks: This dish is quite tasty, so why did it cause my children to make weird faces across the table at me?

Okay, I'm done, it's actually an Epicurious recipe for roast chicken and it is very easy and good and contains paprika, so it ticks all of my current boxes.

But honestly, the girls made pretty standard dinner faces.

Our weather has been doing a thing.

It's really keeping us on our toes, outfit-wise. We're having to explore the concepts of "layers" and "hats" with renewed dedication.