"Varying degrees of accuracy"

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! I buckled down this morning and devoted a significant amount of time to taking in some Real News (pro tip: I find that drawing from my Bradley Method breathing/counting experience really helps with the pain tolerance) and this was the least horrifying piece of information I could find for you: "The museum also has a room of first ladies in painstakingly reproduced inaugural gowns who are, for some reason, about a third of the size of their husbands." Get you some creepily-sized wax while the gettin's good! Why not, you know? Why not. I'm gonna build my own Cabinet of tiny first ladies, just see where it goes.

Paprika. Is still a thing that we're doing here. I thought I should showcase the sweet Spanish version, so I whipped up some paella, which is Spanish for "this rice will make your entire home smell like fish, seriously, it's in the vents somehow."

It has penetrated my very soul

To be fair, I also did not like paella when it was prepared by professionals in Spain:

I'm sorry, fishrice. I kind of tried.

Glancing through my pictures for the week, I realized that I did not take a single picture of my children, although Ivy did take one helpfully-labeled self-portrait.

What I have instead are multiple screenshots of ABC's The Bachelor. Here is one.