I'm sure everything will be fine #alternativefact

I have to admit that it feels weird to be blogging about food from inside of an absurd Orwellian nightmare, but I mean...The Resistance gotta eat, right? Here is what I have learned to do with dukkah: sprinkle it on top of stuff.

Little bit on here

Little bit on there

And thus ends our section on dukkah. It tastes good. I am distracted.

On Saturday I hung out at the capitol with about 50,000 friends. It was a good hang! It's hard to overstate the restorative value of suddenly realizing how not alone you are.

Not alone

At all

They're feeling me

We got this

There is a lot of #WhyIMarch afoot, and my short answer is "for my two daughters who do currently/will soon attend public school and also have gotten used to breathing air and drinking water."

My longer answer is just a linkstorm.

Descriptions of our president's temperament in the first, easiest days of office are unsettling
Like, people close to him have to manage him like he is a small child
When The Gray Lady uses the word "lie" in a headline that's really really bad
Also when the dictionary is laying out some sick Twitter burns
Alternative facts oh no oh dear someone help us
"Ah, yes, the classic accidental hiring of paid actors"
If this does not terrify you then you did not do enough reading in school

Anyway, uh...time to do something about this, I guess.

The Indivisible Guide is "A Practical Guide for Resisting The Trump Agenda"

The 65 gives a Weekly Call To Action, with helpful scripts

Swing Left shows you where your closest swing district is so you can focus attention/resources there in 2018

Listen to Pod Save America. And The 451.

Don't feel alone.