But seriously, folks

Among the many failures of 2016 is the unforgivable slacking of Regan's and my devotion to Super Social Food League of Austin. We tried to right the ship as best we could on Tuesday, with a trip to The Peached Tortilla:

"Mom's Toast." Whatever mom came up with this recipe really has her shit together.

"Crispy Fries." Why yes that is an egg to poke those fries into. Yes it sure is.

Crispy Fish and Chicken Pad Thai tacos. This was my most fulfilling Taco Tuesday in recent memory, all around.

Aaaaaaaand a Dolly Parton concert. First, let me point out that Dolly's outfit and guitar were so sparkly she was impossible to photograph. All of the pictures just look like you took a stage and cut a Dolly-shaped section out of it.

And I can honestly say I don't remember a three-hour stretch of time where I have felt more emotional whiplash in my entire life, which is really something for a Tuesday night. To wit:

  • I love Dolly, come on
  • She started at 7:30 on the dot and I both respect and am amused by that
  • Nostalgia for old-timey rural white people life is hitting me real wonky
  • Also everyone here is white
  • Everything on stage SO SHINY and I am a magpie of a person
  • Boob jokes
  • Dolly has a perfect, non-ironic 80's standup delivery of the line "But seriously, folks"
  • Again, romanticizing a simpler time when everything was much, much worse for women and POC is not a great look right now
  • Oh wait are we...singing protest songs?
  • We are singing protest songs
  • Lord help me the dulcimer is also covered in rhinestones and I love it so much
  • Boob jokes
  • Every time she says "But seriously" I dissolve into giggles
  • The whiteness of this crowd is even more apparent when they start dancing
  • I am deeply, deeply ambivalent about my heritage WAIT A SECOND is she playing the Benny Hill theme on the saxophone?
  • Yes
  • I probably watched 9 to 5 more times than was appropriate for my age and also I'm starting to wonder how much that one movie influenced my current feminism, I think it might be a shocking amount
  • I am exhausted and she is still in those heels, though

Wait, maybe we can see her better after the intermission outfit change?

So that was three nights ago and I am still worn out just thinking about it. Luckily, Ivy is here with the Cake Delivery Train.

Not a moment too soon