Run run Rudolph

I have emerged from my busiest week of the year to find that Christmas is in...twelve days, it says here? Hmm. I should probably double-check that, I don't think that's right. At any rate, let me assure you that I'm sprinting out of this fog of wax-pouring and vendor small-talking straight into the loggy arms of Yule. (I have already failed at my promise to personally monitor political disasters in order to keep them under control with my focused anxiety, but it's only been a few days, I'm sure nothing deeply worrying about international espionage and our electoral process has come to light. He's not even president yet!)

First stop: Martha Stewart Living, December edition. Flip flip flip flip flip oh, the whole middle section is pasta! Nice.

Spaghetti with Brussels sprouts and bacon

Okay now quick, who has a seasonally appropriate hat that lights up?

Ivy coming through in the clutch

Candy canes? Face paint?

Check and CHECK

Oh no I think we overshot it and ended up at a Christmas morning breakfast of waffles and whipped cream!

I think she was genuinely surprised to find herself at a bus stop after that.