One slice of French egg thing, one slice of life

I am fully immersed in CANDLETIME right now, which means there are long stretches where my eyeballs and brainballs are mercifully engaged with things other than current events. This works out pretty well until re-engagement, at which time I begin to feel like an extremely superstitious sports fan in that I am certain things become 500% worse every time I leave the room. So I'm vowing to you here and now that I will resume my incessant worrying for all of our sakes going forward before we are fully at war with China due to my lack of attention. SORRY GUYS.

In the meantime made a Savory Clafoutis. Look, right here:

I made a food

Here are the snowmen napping on my couch. I am not allowed to move them.

Here is the "how to create the proper ketchup and mustard pattern on Ivy's hot dog" manual stuck to our fridge. Please, if you are ever in an Ivy-feeding situation, heed these instructions. Please.

Dot squiggle dot squiggle dot and God help you if you mess it up

Here are my offspring, working through a single trivia question.