Hint: it's not Saturday

I'm going to be straight with you guys, at this point I have allowed myself to be fully enveloped by the Buddy the Elf diet and I don't really see that changing in the next week, if this jug of maple syrup in my purse is any indication.

I even thought I'd try my hand at some Crispy, Buttery Candy Cane Cookies, since the main element missing from my holiday season this year has been baking.


(To be fair to the above recipe, she spends about twelve paragraphs warning about this exact problem and I tragically "nah it'll be fine"-ed it. Good enough for historic elections, good enough for batches of sugar, I say.) Anyway, the room-temperature butter and eggs and bag of Andes baking chips on my counter say that I have not yet begun to fight. Either that or this is like when I put on a sports bra only to take it off in sweatless defeat at the end of the day.

Last bus stop of 2016:

Big Kid presentation on Matisse:

Unknown student bringing some Monty Python realness to the life cycle of the dog:

This is an EX-DOG.

 Weekend forecast for Austin, guess which day I have an outdoor market guess guess guess: