Just some big ol' wall- and roof-shaped cookies

Good news, I believe I've got my baking groove back after a shaky, melted-peppermint-sadness-pile of a start. The key, I'm finding, is to focus on things that are Round and Brown and Look Good Against These Placemats:

Andes Mint Cookies. This dough was the complete opposite of the candy cane cookies, by which I mean "successful." I would make these again. I might go make these again. Here in a minute.

Pumpkin Gingerbread. Yesterday I had a leftover can of pumpkin in my pantry. Now I do not!

Y'all know I love IKEA slightly too much and that I've never complained about the putting-together of the things, but I could not keep their gingerbread house set standing for the life of me. Do I adore the fact that it's called a pepparkaka hus? Of course I do. Should I not have image-searched pepparkaka hus if I did not want to feel that the failure was solely mine? CLEARLY. Did my children care at all, even for a second, that the candy-covered gingerbread cookies weren't perpendicular to the table?

They did not.