It'll probably be soggy fried avocados for dinner tonight

A little late, but I finally wrapped up Bon Appétit week last night with Peanut Noodles with Gingered Tofu and Vegetables. Look how pretty!

Mmmm, vegetabley. What can I say, I am a sucker for spicy peanut sauce. Anyway, enjoy these pictures. Go ahead. So many ingredients, freshly prepared!

Because the opposite of Bon Appétit week is Holy Cow There Are a Lot of Leftovers in the House week. So that's where we are. The only provisions I'm going into this week with are half a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, one bunch of bananas, 2 lbs of strawberries and a package of beef jerky. Essentials.

This morning we went to Pease Park to check out the splash pad there. I thought for once I'd include one of the pictures where she actually seems so be enjoying an activity, just to mix things up a little bit. This isn't easy for me, because splash pads tend to produce a lot of very funny pictures.

Look. Look at Anna having fun. You fell asleep already, didn't you?

Okay, enough of that. The hat never stays on for long, but this time I got a picture with the shoe!

Man, today's Groupon is for this Boot Camp place. For some reason I'm leaving that page open even though I'm currently wasting my 30 days of unlimited Bikram Yoga. Somebody tell me no! Restaurant coupons only! Restaurant coupons only, dammit.

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  1. Restaurant coupons only, sweetie. Restaurant coupons only.