Her response to culture is quite vocal

Well, I know you're going to be disappointed, but I didn't quite make it through the entire fifth day of the Five Day World's Healthiest Person Plan. We went back to the Blanton on Friday afternoon to make immediate use of my new membership and I quickly realized that I could not face watching Anna yell at art without a cup of coffee.

Piping hot cup of weakness.

It was my only deviation, and it was worth it, and I would do it again. And had I known what the next couple of hours had in store I probably would have gotten a large. And it would have been a beer. Technically this means that I did not become the World's Healthiest Person Friday night, so I guess your many questions about what that's like will go unanswered for now. I regret nothing!

We had to wait a few minutes for the people we were meeting, and because I am so well-prepared to deal with my child, always, Anna ended up chewing on my car keys while sitting on the bird-poop-covered ground.

At least she wasn't sitting on the keys and chewing on the poop?

Once inside, it was soon apparent that Anna's interest in the museum extended only to its acoustical properties. Sorry, other art patrons. I hope you interpreted all that delighted shrieking as "inspirational enthusiasm." Here we are in one of the installations. She's gearing up to find out what "yelping while inside art" sounds like.

"I'm about to make some noise in some art."

"She sure likes the ceiling" said the museum employee diplomatically after Anna had been hooting at it for ten minutes.

I think next time I have the museum bug I'll just go flip through my awesome blank journal instead. Eventually we made it out and headed home to put together the final dinner of the FDWHPP. I finished strong, choking down yet another entire bunch of greens in the form of Curried Mustard Greens & Garbanzo Beans with Sweet Potatoes. I guess the sweet potatoes were good, but I was pretty much over it at that point.

When I was cleaning up after dinner I said "Ugh, I wish this hadn't made leftovers," so I think that basically encapsulates my feelings on the matter. Healthiness: often disheartening.

Finally, a bit of miscellany: someone in the Dish Network marketing department is doing a bang-up job.

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