The very shiniest

As you know, I no longer cook provisions for myself or my family, I merely change the temperature of various items from Trader Joe's BUT I am strongly considering getting back in the game, as evidenced by my setting these down on a surface where I am forced to confront them directly:

Although it may actually turn into some hardcore investigative journalism re: are these two magazines actually exactly the same magazine or what:

By which I mean thirty seconds of googling publishers and then getting distracted by my Bachelorette fantasy league

Both issues are pretty promising in their own way.

If Martha says it's cool stuff for cool dads, I am IN

Plus Rachael has this...word salad situation here

Anyway, I again find myself with nothing nice to say about the age of four, so I will instead pay tribute to the age of six, which has gone very well so far. It's pretty great to have a kid who can competently and enthusiastically engage with a pen pal:

...and give her PowerPoint presentation on crystals the absolute best title of a presentation on record:

But still put her pants on backwards with amusing frequency:

...and apparently believe that my middle name is Domino.