It's the greatest show that was ever afloat

In the early, heady days of Make What I Wanna Make Month, I mistook "what I wanna eat" for "what I wanna make." Obviously, at 4:30 on a weekday, the only thing I really wanna make is a phone call for pizza delivery (haha, just kidding, an internet order for pizza delivery). Which is how I ended up with ingredients for cheese soufflé sitting in my fridge for two weeks.

Did NOT wanna make it

For sure for sure wanted to eat it

Here's what I actually did wanna make this week: my way down to Barley Swine for a fancy month of SSFLA.

Always start a meal with strawberries when possible

This is genuinely one of the best salads I have ever eaten

That puddle is CHEEEEEEEESE


Duck, egg, etc.

Mt. Fried Chicken

So anyway, that list above is maybe the largest collection of good decisions you'll even see from me in one place.

GUYS if you ever find yourselves on a glass bottom boat I highly recommend Anna as a tour guide.