Which is not to say that I'm not still a little afraid

I reallllllllly tried not to do anything productive this week, but I still got to eat cake for breakfast at least once:

And I have also gathered one anecdote per child, in order to meet my minimum annual legal requirement as a blogger with progeny.

Me: (does a perfectly proficient job of parallel parking the car, thank you)

Anna: Mom, that took you a really long time. Are you sure you did okay on that driving test? With the trash cans?

Ivy: (holding pretend telephone) Mom, I'm talking to my ghost friend. He couldn't come last night, but he's coming now.

Me: What's your friend's name? (Braces for most horrifyingly real-sounding demon name ever because I have been listening to a lot of scary podcasts and with Ivy nothing seems out of the realm of possibility)

Ivy: His name is....mmm...Ghosty.