Just a number

I'm still getting warmed up with this Make What I Wanna Make month--turns out what I wanna make right now is "not much, frankly." Snuck some chalupas in there, though.

Listen, I'm not making a taco bowl joke, why don't YOU make a taco bowl joke you lazy bums

So what was I busy with if not fulfilling my sacred duty as "person who combines different food-pieces onto a plate and then beatifically endures a barrage of whining about said food-pieces"? Well, I went to a concert, dyed (bits of) my hair blue, did some Snapchat bumbling, and went to sling candles on the East Side. At a BAR. On a WEEKNIGHT. That's right, everyone...I lived my life as a millennial for three solid days and I lived to tell the tale, but juuuuuuuuuust barely.

Seriously though, I discovered via Facebook yesterday that I am NOT a generation-less monster trapped between X-ers and millennials, but rather a member of the Oregon Trail Generation, which is honestly terrific news that I wanted to share here, where you all are trapped and forced to read about the things I personally find interesting and are generally too polite to aggressively explain why I am wrong to find them interesting. *gives FB some side eye*

Anyway, everyone have a great weekend and may none of your snack foods betray your true calendar age.