You know I'm grumpy when I start rejecting puns

It's the last day of the most dietarily freewheeling month in recent memory, which means that obviously we are all just scavenging for piles of refined sugar at this point.

Also a shaker full of rainbow sprinkles, because why not, if you're going to hit bottom really hit bottom, you know?

And I swear I did start to investigate some recipes for the coming *shudders* season, but the Rachael Ray pun offensive was too much to deal with first thing in the morning and I think I'm just going to go lie back down for a while.

I can't explain why this picture bothers me so much, but I can't stop looking at it angrily

I can explain exactly why this picture bothers me so much, and it is thusly: LOL ARROW

Anyway, I know you're impressed that I managed to put a negative spin on content that was entirely about frosting and dumb jokes, but I swear am going to try to pull it together, moodwise. If anyone has any summery album recommendations, particularly interesting Game of Thrones fan theories, or general Beef and Dairy references, go ahead and send those my way, thanks guys.