This is a safe space

Generally I love the first of the month, because I treat each one as a miniature New Year's Day, cheerfully flipping the calendar page, confident in my ability to break every bad habit and start fresh going forward. This feeling usually lasts for several hours and I look forward to it every 28-31 days. EXCEPT THIS ONE, OBVIOUSLY. This is the bad one. I am hesitant to even make any of my signature very gentle, more of a "heh" than a "haha" JOKES here today, such is my rabid commitment to veracity at this time. As such, everything that follows is AS TRUE AS POSSIBLE, GIVEN THE NATURE OF HUMAN MEMORY AND THE INADEQUACY OF LANGUAGE.

My motivation to cook has reached such a low ebb that I stood desolately in the cookbook section of the library for about 15 minutes before shrugging and picking a vegan one, because...sure, why not. I soon realized that my commitment to even temporary veganism is extremely-low-to-nonexistent, and as such my desire to use a food processor for every meal was similarly lacking. I did manage to find the recipe with "15 Minute" in the title, at least:

As well as something that resembled tacos in the same way that Martha's flatbread resembled pizza:

This was not assigned a guilt-level so I opted to go with "actually makes up for all the ham you ate last weekend."

Don't worry though guys, intrepid blogger Sarah must have sensed my, uh, lack of focus lately because she suggested a cooking project on Twitter and it is good and I am doing it because it is a new month despite this terrible day, dammit. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, just keep your head down and keep pedaling, everyone.