Just replace the melted cheese with Bibb lettuce

I decided to embrace minimalism regarding Easter dinner this past weekend, which meant heating up a pre-sliced ham and mashing whatever combination of potatoes were already in the pantry. I know I Martha'd it right up last year, but Martha and I are kind of on the outs and also her Easter menu this time around consisted of Russian pastries (?) and legitimate effort.

So I consulted Rachael instead, as you do. She told me to put eggs on a salad and I was like "Say no more."

She also did not try to sell this as "guilt free queso" or whatever the hell 

I figured I could also make dessert out of existing pantry items if I put my mind to it, and I was right. It did require making a cake out of oatmeal, though. Tasted just like breakfast!

Very authentic

Here is another angle of my lack of hair, for Swistle:

Thank you for your interest, I also find my head pretty interesting

Here is the aftermath of Anna's first 5k:

Here is her sister, who wisely stayed on the floor instead: