Hoo boy, the day after Pi Day is a rough one, am I right guys? So hard to get back to the daily grind. I hope you at least made the most of your festivities, I know I did:

Fancy out-of-town pizza, for happiness.

I even consulted...that cookbook. You know. That one. Because there is a recipe for Pi Pie! Which is the one thing that actually seemed worth doing. LET'S INVESTIGATE.

Hmm. It looks pretty good.

Now, on the pain-in-the-ass scale, I'm giving this recipe a lot of leeway because pies are a natural pain-in-the-ass and that is not to be avoided. Of course, this one does call for every apple piece inside the pie to be a number cut-out, presumably in order to delight everyone who cuts into it and discovers an edible treasure trove of numerals. But that part doesn't add...THAT much effort. As long as your primary workforce for this task isn't aged four and six or anything.

Plus, after about two hours of torture this fun project you will be left with an unfathomable pile of non-number-shaped apple scraps. And that's...great! Now you have a moral imperative to spend another hour making homemade apple sauce! Neat.


This extra day of your life step is totally worth it in the end though, because look how amazing all the numbers are in the finished product:

Well, that angle isn't really...here, try this.

Hmm, no, maybe if we...

Probably at some point in the eating process you will naturally tear the entire top crust off, right? And THERE IS YOUR REWARD:

An 8! Or an R? Or a snowman.

Another triumph from The Internet's Most Popular Baking Show™.

Hey, I also cut all my hair off in a FIT OF PIQUE slow culmination of months of progressively more insistent dithering about cutting all my hair off.

That's just how I roll.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying great weather, food, and friends like we are!

Spring Break, can't beat it