Winner: YouTube, I guess

Hey guys, I don't have a head-to-head magazine battle for you today because Dan has been out of town for a few days and we've been eating cereal for dinner I've had my hands too full to document the very nutritious meals I've been preparing. Instead, we have a special project, courtesy of the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook the girls got for Christmas: UNICORN POOP COOKIES. (Warning--that link goes to a video. Everything about this project is...special.)

Before you get started, make sure you have the essential ingredients: seven bowls, twelve or so hours, a positive attitude:

"I am positive this is going to take all day." #momjokes

Have an enthusiastic six-year-old do the rolling of the dough, if possible. Do be prepared for the fact that she will likely turn seven at some point before the process is finished.

Tell her that this year instead of a cake she gets several piles of half-rolled dough.

Remember: in order to achieve an accurate rainbow, you must carefully roll out like eight hundred colors apparently.

It's a good chance for everyone to practice counting. To eight hundred.

There will be tears.

But also! The special joy borne of artificially colored sugar patties.

These cookies do not taste good, and also they have the word "poop" in the name. Your children will not care.

They will not look HALF as much like poop as those donuts I made that time.