It's so OBVIOUS what is WRONG with me

I have a confession to make. It is slightly shameful, but I believe in transparency in this space. (Deep breath) I was going to call today's food magazine skirmish "Battle of the Falafels."







Thanks to Dan for scooping up that dropped wordplay for me! Marriage/teamwork/chickpeas/etc.

Contender #1: Rachael Ray's Ultimate Falafel Patty Melts. (The linked recipe is the same except in the patty melt version you add a slice of dill Havarti.) This is "Rach's Burger of the Month," guys! The recipe said to get the biggest pita bread you could find, and the biggest pita bread I could find was naan. It worked out.

Making the falafel and the tahini sauce was kind of a hassle, but the sauce was nice and garlicky in a way that Dan and I appreciated and my daughters acted poisoned by.


Oh, hmm, I probably should have done the healthy version first because now I just miss the cheese. I miss the cheese so much.

Plenty of room in that bowl for cheese.

WINNER: Rachael Ray, by a slice of dill Havarti.

Hey, remember how Anna was carrying around that baby tooth on a string? Yeah, obviously she lost it almost immediately. Lucky for her I have not filled out any of the "Special Memories" pages in her baby book, so she has plenty of room to record her heartbreak for posterity.