I spell it "donuts" and I am too old to change my ways

Super Social Food League of Austin found itself at the end of January and themeless for the year, which led to an impromptu theme of "donuts for dinner."

In truth, it has probably been gestating for years.

For some reason, Regan insisted that we eat "real food" first. I defied her by only ordering fried things while she had a salad like some sort of grown up decision maker.

I will not be led astray from my theme, Regan.

We didn't go too crazy. I think we got a really, really normal amount of donuts.

If you've ever walked down 6th Street at night and thought "I wish more people would harass me while I try to get back to my car," I highly suggest carrying a big pink box of donuts with you. Works like a charm!

I was too busy eating normal amounts of donuts to take any pictures of my children this week, so here is a picture of EnnuiAnna™ from four years ago today.

You can almost feel the burden of a pleasant afternoon on the back porch.