I suspect we are wintering incorrectly

January has come to an end, and so has the hotly contested, impartially judged War of the Food Magazines That Just Show Up at My House. The final skirmish: stir-fry vs. stir-fry.

Contender 1: Eating Well's Make-Up-Your-Own Stir Fry with Mojo Sauce. I did not like this! But I picked the ingredients! So I guess it is my own fault! 

How could you fail me baby corrrrrrrrrrrrns

Contender #2: Rachael Ray's Stir-Fry Veggies With Ginger-Almond Pesto. This, on the other hand, was one of those meals where I can't say for sure if it was because I was especially hungry or especially in the mood for this combination of flavors or used the especially fancy Marcona almonds leftover from Christmas, but holy wow it was good. Like, probably my favorite recipe of the whole month good. And that is despite the fact that it has mushrooms in it.

The implications of this victory are dizzying.

OVERALL WINNER: In a bit of an upset, as hard as I tried to rig the election, I have to go with Rachael Ray this month. I'm using the extremely scientific metric of "what would I want to continue cooking out of going forward." And we didn't even make the chocolate goop in the cover photo! Imagine the possibilities.

Nothing like an 86-degree day in January to lift the spirits.

The summer-hibernation instincts are strong with this one.

We also made some more Nerdy Nummies ridiculousness, which I will get to next time. Don't worry, we'll save some for you, right Ivy?