It's a whole cookie-based system

Happy Friday, guys! We got this! Statistics indicate that at least one or two non-terrible things will happen to all of us today!

Fun fact: I also had a picture of a unicorn Ivy smiling excitedly and Blogger absolutely refused to upload it. I tried twice. I think they assumed I was attempting to commit fraud of some type.

Now that we are 19/29ths of the way through February, I have begun consulting the February stack of Magazines That Just Show Up At My House. First, Rachael Ray's Three-Cheese Pasta With Brussels Sprouts & Sage Breadcrumbs. I liked this, but it was not well-received by the sub-four-feet-tall set in this household.

I tried to break it down as essentially crackers and cheese, but I think my sales pitch was lacking emotional honesty.

Second, Martha's cover recipe this month is pretzels and you know if Martha says "Make pretzels" I'm gonna say "How salty?"

I'm pretty sure I didn't let the dough rise enough because these were less "pillowy," more "mattressy," but they still tasted like pretzels and we ate them. Right. Up.

Yesterday was Superhero Day at school so I dressed Anna as Marlo Thomas a Powerpuff Girl.

I also made cookies, but only so that I could continue my tradition of giving the girls a project that involved unwrapping an absurd amount of candy.