Yes, the pig is eating the burger

First of all, Yay HAMLET! Yay HAMLET 4ever.

Second: one of the best things about February is the parade of dinner-theme-friendly holidays, at least in years when I am on my game with that sort of thing. This year my approach can best be described as "Oh shoot, is that tomorrow?"

Oh shoot, Lunar New Year? Um, Chinese Chicken Salad.

Oh shoot, Mardi Gras. Are there beans in the pantry?

Oh shoot, Valentines Day. I guess I could...have Dan make heart-shaped waffles?

AND order a heart-shaped pizza! There we go.

Fortunately, lack of enthusiasm isn't something that children can intuitively pick up on or possibly inherit and have nestled deep deep within their marrow.

In even worse news, I have started attempting to use Snapchat and this is the least terrifying thing that has emerged.