I did have to put on a coat this morning, if that helps


Late January seems like the perfect time for Battle: Soup. I mean, any time is the right time for soup. But especially when it's 65 and sunny every day which is why I put up with the ridiculousness that is August uh, FREEZING out, right everybody? Just...just the gloomiest. (I'm genuinely sorry if you are stuck in or about to be stuck in snow, you should probably reward yourself with soup afterward.)

Contender #1: Eating Well's Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup. I cannot judge this one accurately, as I failed to follow the very simple instructions and cooked all the ingredients together all day instead of letting the onions caramelize in the slow-cooker first. The correct way would have been better, I bet! But it was still good, because it was onion soup with cheese toast on top of it. 

Still good.

Contender #2: Rachael Ray's Black Bean and Kale Tortilla Soup. This looked like it was going to be more of a hassle than it actually was. And it was good! It didn't photograph well, but it tasted tortilla-soup-ish enough to pass.


Since both of these were good but didn't blow my socks off or anything, I'm going to leave it to Anna to apply her current test of heart-healthiness in order to determine a winner.

Also, we'll see where this list of "Heart Attack Warning Signs" is when she wants cheeseburgers tonight.

Winner: Rachael Ray, by absence of cheese and virtue of having directions that I actually followed.