She's staunchly resolved all year long, amateurs

Hey guys, how's the year going so far? Everyone still on whatever track you set off on a few days ago? Given the long holiday weekend it seemed prudent to take a much-needed break from the arduous cooking project I assigned myself, but we've still been making good dining choices over here in the meantime.

No better choice than greens and black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, obviously.

And in my book, cheese is always the right choice. Maybe a flourless chamomile almond torte sneaks its way in there, too. Maybe that happens.

Fine, you know what, sometimes your New Year's energy is flagging and choices are hard, okay? 

Honestly, I am only classifying this one as a regret because it was so difficult to eat. BE MORE USER-FRIENDLY, CUSTOM ICE CREAM SANDWICH. 

Food aside, we've also been trying out our new threads:

Minecraft glasses, t-shirt for her cousin's band, lost-tooth necklace complete with lost tooth inside. I've never seen anyone so ready to take on a new year/freak out her classmates. 

And embarking on some hometown exploration:

If there is a major university near you, I highly recommend that you go examine its statues because you never know when a WWI memorial is going to throw some mer-horses your way.

Through all the newness, though, we are committed to staying true to ourselves.