I don't think anyone should tell Ivy about Christmas

Happy belated St. Paddy's, everyone! You'd think bunko would have depleted my Irish-and/or-green-theme-making abilities, but I was only getting WARMED UP.

Okay, well, maybe I was still in the process of warming up with breakfast. I almost didn't post a picture of these, uh, green-ish donuts, for obvious reasons. But I think it's important to be totally honest and transparent about how turd-like my projects sometimes turn out. Anyway, they were based on these Irish oatmeal cakes and they tasted fine and Anna is still asking for green donuts, so I guess this failure was a mitigated one.

Still, I defy you to make a more turd-like item in your oven.
Quick, look! Poached eggs with green stuff!

Much better.
And finally, beef and Guinness pie for dinner. I remembered why I only make this once a year, and that is because it is 1) composed entirely of flour, butter, and cow, and 2) super delicious.

Even potatoes would add too much unwanted plant matter here.
I, for one, think we're aging BEAUTIFULLY.

I credit the Guinness.

One slight hiccup in the day's festivities: I discovered that if you start off with a generally happy, smiley baby, adding in the excitement of a holiday might just overload her system.

Her first Arbor Day is going to be EPIC.
I also discovered that Anna doesn't seem to realize the camera can get to her through glass.

This will explain how weirdly reflective all future family portraits are.
After all the flour, butter, cow, and beer, it seemed like we should have something ridiculously healthy on Sunday night. I mean, kale, natch, but even cooked kale seemed inadequately punitive, so I stepped it up with a raw kale salad. Did you even know there WAS such a thing? Are you a little bit sad and frightened now that you do? There is also nutritional yeast in the dressing. I just...don't even know.

Further evidence that my husband is the easiest person in the world to feed: his only comment was that the kale was easy to keep on the fork, which he liked.
Eased back into regular-healthy last night with some nice bland yogurt-based egg salad.

Probably would have benefited from some roasted red peppers or spicy mustard bacon.

Okay, time to go, we're teaching Elmo to play Angry Birds.