Maybe I'll try hiding some chicken under a pile of crackers

Dan got a hold of the camera this weekend, so it's time for a couple of Art Pictures: Paranormal Edition.

For example, sausage and veg is generally a pretty boring plate of food.

Unless you can document its soul escaping. Mmmm, potato soul.
And I thought Anna was just playing with a soccer ball out back, but this strikes me as a little more sinister.

Like she's harnessed a vibrating orb of DOOM.
I pulled off a couple of pretty sweet culinary parenting tricks last week. First, getting Anna to describe these strawberry oat bars as "strawberry crumble pie" and to beg for more all day long.

Second, convincing her that this green smoothie is a "special treat." HAHA YOU DRANK SPINACH AND THANKED ME FOR IT I WIIIIIIIIIIIIIN.

Just let me have this moment, you guys. I'll probably never out-maneuver her again.
She's already catching on, actually. Last night we had (delicious) black bean tostadas.

And she informed me indignantly that "IT'S A CHIP!"

Can't get anything past you, baby.