To be fair, I consider showering a "moderate" amount of effort

Sooooo I haven't been cooking much lately for a variety of reasons, but if I'm being honest, the main reason is that I'm hosting my bunko group tomorrow night and YES hosting a relatively small party takes the same amount of energy as a full week's worth of menu planning and preparation. So, FINE, now you know. I've never effortlessly whipped or thrown anything up or together and FRANKLY I am starting to doubt that anyone else has either. I'm on to you, everybody! Everything is a huge ton of work, stop lying! (In the interest of keeping expectations reasonable, a note to anyone coming to my house tomorrow: this phenomenal outpouring of effort is mostly just to ensure that you don't sit in any puddles of spit-up. There will also be chips.)

Anyway, I did manage to mangle a margherita pizza pretty spectacularly.

So pretty! Definitely earning my lifestyle guru cred with this one.
Also, my toddler vomited all morning, so that's helping a lot. Don't worry, she's handling illness very dramatically.

I think she actually adjusted her position to get the best light here.
Before infirmity struck, Anna was actually pretty helpful this whole weekend. We spent a nice day with Dan's family, and she managed to help:

Bruce realize his potential as a beast of burden.

Levi practice his IT guy skills, and also his patience.

Everyone feel pretty good about their own wardrobe decisions.